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What Have I be doing lately?

By Rick Sweeney

SAT OCT 12, 2019

I have taught the Maps 1 course about 12 times since Sept 2018. It was time to take a break. So, I have not taught Maps 1 in Sept or Oct 2019. Meanwhile I attended a one day workshop On Mindfulness and Playfulness in Sept 2019. I also have been attending attending a class at UCLA about the Roots of Buddhist Wisdom( 4 Noble truths). And I am also attending a class on Mindfulness and Aging presently in Beverly Hills. In April I attended a 7 day silent retreat in Big Bear Calif. Its a new retreat center and it was up in the pine trees. Nice place to go if you have never been there. Saved me having to drive to Spirit Rock in No.Calif or going out to the desert in Joshua Tree or Lucerne Valley. I have also been teaching a weekly private Mindfulness class for 8th to 12 graders since April 2019. I continue to substitute teach for Friends at different Libraries In Los Angeles county ( Studio City, Sherman Oaks, And Los Angeles Central Library) And lately I have been Substitute teaching with young adults ( private class). Oh ......and my Tuesday 6:30pm Maps 1 Class in the blog above I will be co-teaching with Kathryn Kaplan who I have taught with before. She is a great teacher and I have enjoyed teaching with her in the past.