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Next Steps (UCLA Maps II course Via Zoom

“Next Steps” This is a class which comes after you complete an Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation class (such as UCLA Maps 1 or similar class). This class is suitable for all religions.

Would you like to Meditate longer with better results? In this class, the introduction is over and we dive into a deeper Mindfulness practice. Join us for "Next Steps” and experience the benefits for yourself.

This class will help grow your formal and informal Mindfulness practice. Il is designed to build your confidence, develop clarity, strengthen your wisdom and reinforce your practice. Mindfulness meditation has been the subject of much exciting scientific research in the last 30 years. It helps people better manage stress, ,reduce emotional reactivity, cultivate well being and happiness at home and in the workplace. It also positively impacts the brain.

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Building Resilience in the Time of the Virus-- A Short Course

Join me for this short course on building resilience. So many of us have virus fatigue, challenge fatigue, decision fatigue etc. And Burnout is very real. We are dealing with issues that can be overwhelming. This Class will provide you with tools for coping with challenges; and can help enhance your emotional well-being. It will also help provide the safety to see yourself more clearly when challenging circumstances arise. It can also help you unwind. This is not a self-esteem class; nor will it use self criticism as a motivator. This class meets for 6 sessions. Each class is 1 hour and 15 minutes long. This class is suitable for all religions. This class is best suited for students who have previously completed a Beginning Mindfulness/Meditation class. If you have similar experience to a beginning class, please write to the instructor via this website and describe so that we can help situate you properly.

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Maps 1 (UCLA Beginning Mindfulness Meditation Class via Zoom)

This online Class exposes participants to basic mindful awareness/meditation practices and allow for a first-hand experience with them. These basic self-care techniques can teach practitioners to reduce stress, regulate attention and emotions, reduce reactivity, and cultivate healthier relationships. It provides an overview of principles needed to establish mindfulness practice at home and in daily life and problem-solve difficulties in maintaining regular practice. Once participants learn the principles of mindfulness, we help them find ways to incorporate the techniques and practices into their life. This helps create a greater sense of well-being. There is also a review of current science that supports this practice. This class is suitable for all religions. The class meets weekly for 2 hours for 6 weeks. Continuing Education Credits offered for registered Nurses, Therapists, Psychologists in Calif.( Other states must check with their Licensing and Regulatory body). For CEC's in Calif see: